The SePyME accepts us as Training Unit (UCap)
After completing some procedures at the SePyME (Secretaría de Emprendedores y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa – Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Secretariat), we were accepted as a Training Unit for the SME Training Program of this Secretariat, which of the Ministry of Production of the Government of the Argentine Nation.
The purpose of this program is the presentation and execution of projects aimed at the training of personnel and / or owners of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MiPyMES) who pay national taxes. Whose beneficiaries arise from Resolution SEPyME No. 24/01 and its modifications, except those that carry out activities excluded in Article 3 of this Resolution.
In other words, beneficiaries of this program can manage reimbursements to that Secretariat for investment in technology, having to select for the training involved in those investments to a UCap to be able to access those benefits.