Consulting Services

  • Data Management: Our main expertise is the information management systems (PDM, PLM and BIM360) that allow you to safely manage all of your design project information (MSD, BIM, etc.) in a collaborative environment. Our service includes from the design of the solution according to the specific needs of the customer, through the deployment and configuration of the software, also training users at all levels and completing with the start-up and follow-up.

  • Design applications: We have a professional team prepared to analyze and determine the solution of CAD software and accessories most suitable to meet the needs of your company.

  • Procedures and techniques: We offer advice to implement the solutions and obtain a better return on the investment made in this technology. Including the needed development and documentation, along with adequate users training in different applications.

  • Customization development: In our team we have application developers which can create customizations for CAD software with which you can achieve more efficient design processes.


We have a wide variety of courses for different design applications and others. Each course is taught by experienced instructors in their respective areas, working in general on official training courses for each application.
All courses are taught using the “hands-on” method, that is, the student works from the first moment on the application he is learning, with example exercises prepared to obtain the best results. In this way, we get a better grasp, on the student side, in the topics developed and is also allowed to develop during the course an invaluable experience in the use of each application. Always counting on the advice of the corresponding instructor.
The courses are given in different ways:

  • On-site: The course is conducted in person, on the client’s site.
    For this model, a budget will be made according to the need.

  • On-line: The course is taught live, with the instructor doing the exercises and showing the desktop of his computer, through a Web connection, using the appropriate applications to establish this connection. The student will be able to connect to the course from any location where he has an Internet connection, in the established schedule. In this way, classes can be made shorter than in the on-site mode and on non-successive days, so that the distribution of the workload for each course can be done in a more flexible way, reducing the impact on productivity of the student in his usual work tasks.
    Classes are recorded and then published in a virtual classroom associated with the course and remain there, accessible to students, for a certain time.

  • E-learning: Topics are developed through video tutorials and other multimedia elements. The student is learning at his own pace, without pre-established schedules. In all this courses there are an instructor who fulfills the function of advisor, which will accompany the progress of the student, clarifying any doubts that may arise. After completing the topics, all the material is available in the virtual classroom so that the student can make consultations after the completion of the course.

Installation and technical support

Did you buy new design software and have trouble installing it?
Leave your concern on our part. We take care of deploying your software and their subsequent technical support, both, for problems of the application and its environment, and from the user’s point of view, problems of the application use.

CAD, 2D and 3D design services for Manufacturing (MSD)

Has a new project started and does not have enough temporary staff to carry it forward?
No problems … We have a designer team, specialists in 2D and 3D, that we put at your service to meet temporary design needs.

Networking infrastructure

Did you add new equipment to your design office?
Do you have to improve the performance of the network used by your design team?
Do you need to improve the security of your information?
Count on our services to help you carry out these tasks. Our team has extensive experience in solutions of this type, counting, also, with external specialists who collaborate with our projects.